Interactive Portfolio Application

Bean Head® is focusing on developing an application which will allow users to display their creative works in a more interactive presentation. The idea is to give Creatives and other design professionals a means to display engaging content. The idea is to give users more control over the experience their audience has. By uploading video and image content of their choice, a more tailored result is achieved. Currently the application is in the beta testing stage. There is much excitement about its development and updates on the progress will be updated via social media post. Thank You!!!


    This is the landing page (the first page a user views). clicking ENTER will advance user to next page.


    This is the Sign Up interface. Users will input Email, Password, and Verify before clicking Sign Up button


    This is a confirmation feedback informing user that an email awaits them. User can then press Login button.


    After verifying their account users can now input their email and password to login. If they have forgotten, they may click Forgot Your Password.


    This is the Dashboard. It will allow user to visit Profile, device image gallery, Interactive Background (Must be.mp4 video format), Presentation (images and video showing together), and Share (only after images and video are selected.)


    This interface is the Profile. This houses user personal information, as well as Change Password. From here user can click Gallery to begin uploading image files from device.


    Images are selected from device, and user then selects a interactive background


    This interface allows users to select the video (.mp4 format) they prefer to display with image assets. After selection screen will advance to share.


    From here user selects the appropriate social media platform and clicks share. User can also go back, and select a different background or images.

    (Images Move Randomly and Never Repeat exact position)

    Assets are uploaded and placed into containers relative to each asset. The entire presentation will then be exported to the social media platform.