The Story of "Bean Head"

The creation of Bean Head® was an idea that came into existence as a young boy. I was in my 6th grade class, and was one of the few that had finished the assignment given. I began to sketch and draw characters. I came up with the idea of combining the first letter of my name "P" and my favorite number at the time "3". After this, I was left with a figure that I didn't quite understand. So I then added some legs, arms and a visor. At this point I began to see my character coming to life. I continued to further modify this "character" of mine. Later after adding some boots and a fitted cap I began to ask people what they thought of my creation. I received mixed comments, "Its a hot dog right"? I continued to ask around finally I heard something that I agreed with. "Is it a Bean Man"? I had then come to acknowledge my new creation as "Bean Head®".

Since 2006 Bean Head® has been a design based brand.We are proud to have a brand that is as culturally diverse as the elements that inspired its conception. Bean Head® is focused on creating rare and impactful creative concepts. We have included animations,branding, and web design to increase our scope and conquer new realms in design. Our mission is creating memorable, lasting connections with our clients and the individuals we design for. Stay tuned for what's to come. Up and Coming Forever!